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DEF Customer Training Sheet

DEF is probably the most difficult product you will ever have to deal with because of its sensitivity to contamination.  The smallest bit of contamination may render your product inappropriate for use in your equipment.

Product Purity is essential to the performance and working life of your After Treatment System.  A problem with your After Treatment System can run into tens of thousands of dollars in repair and downtime costs.

Terra Cair’s Ultra Pure product is manufactured to the strictest industry specifications for DEF to help prolong catalyst life.

The nozzle that is used to fill the vehicle tank can be a major source of contamination.  It must be wiped clean before each use.

Dark Oil has taken extreme measures to ensure that the product you put into your truck meets ISO 22241; the DEF quality specification.  Processes have been put into place to guard against possible contamination; so that the customer is assured they are getting only the highest quality product per industry specifications.  Dark Oil uses storage and handling equipment dedicated to DEF.

The tote or drum is being provided with sealed openings to protect the product quality.  As long as the seals are in place any chance of the product quality being compromised by the introduction of foreign contaminants is virtually eliminated.

DEF is non hazardous by DOT, and is not regulated by EPA.  It is classified as non flammable by the fire department.

We recommend that all DEF containers are kept inside out of the elements.  Totes need to be accessible for refilling when needed.

The only materials recommended for wetted areas are stainless steel and high density polyethylene.  Avoid carbon steel, iron, nickel, or copper.

DEF freezes below 12 degrees F and looses shelf life when the average daily temperature the fluid is exposed to goes above 86 degrees F.

Dark Oil has a $250 deposit on totes, and a $50 deposit on 55 gallon drums.  If any seals have been broken the tote or drum is not considered reusable for DEF and no deposit will be returned.  The deposit will be returned if the container(s) meet these conditions:
- Totes – when none of the seals have been broken and the tote is in reusable condition.
- 55 gallon drums – when none of the seals have been broken and all drum fittings are in place, including the drop tube and drum valve.

All of the pumping and storage equipment can be purchased from Dark Oil.  We have taken great care to ensure all the materials and components are compatible with DEF.  In addition, all wetted areas of the assembly have been thoroughly rinsed with deionized water and finally tested to meet the rigorous standards of ISO 22241.  We offer several configurations to tailor the equipment to your needs.

There are two typed of DEF systems available; open and closed.  Dark Oil does not recommend the open system because of the potential for introduction of contaminants when such a system is open to the surrounding atmosphere.  Dark Oil strongly recommends a closed system in order to avoid contamination.  Following is a description of the two systems:
Open system:  Openings are not sealed.
Closed system:  All openings are sealed.

Dark Oil is available for personnel training on how to handle DEF.  Please let us know if you have interest.

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